Smithmills, Kentucky

Just minutes from Henderson and across the Ohio River from Evansville, Indiana

A Wildlife Paradise!

The Tin City Hunting Club is located in Smithmills, Kentucky, just minutes from Henderson, and across the Ohio River from Evansville, Indiana. Realizing the untapped potential of this property. It was purchased in 1997 by a local group of avid sportsmen. This property is composed of over 300 acres of prime farmland, timber, mature cypress sloughs, and wetlands, creating the perfect combination for a wildlife paradise! This isn’t just your ordinary hunting land, it adjoins the 10,000 acre Sloughs Wildlife Management Area! Over 2,000 of these acres are dedicated and set up as a waterfowl refuge, managed for the migratory ducks and geese! What better neighbors could you ask for? Each fall, ducks and geese make their way back to the flooded crop fields of this refuge and the surrounding areas, knowing there will be an abundance of food and open water. The club has dedicated a tremendous amount of time and funding to develop this property into one of the most sought after waterfowl destinations in the region.

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