Smithmills, Kentucky

Just minutes from Henderson and across the Ohio River from Evansville, Indiana


Krie Brasseale

Evansville, IN.

From the moment I passed through the front gate at Tin City Hunting Club, the atmosphere of the entire farm is like nothing I have ever experienced. Tin City is simply a first class waterfowl paradise! The knowledge, resources and tremendous work of the long time members have transformed this gorgeous property into a perfectly designed location for the most enjoyable waterfowl hunts I have ever experienced in my life. The well-maintained amenities including top shelf pits and blinds, are surrounded by cypress timber and sloughs, which make the hunting options truly limitless.

Tin City has fulfilled my dream of having a close destination to safely introduce my daughter and son to the tremendous joys of waterfowl hunting. Seeing their eyes light up as decoying birds poured into our spread is a priceless memory that I will never forget. I feel incredibly blessed to be associated with such a great group of high character individuals, and had no idea that such a premier hunting destination like this existed right here in the Tri-State!


Scott Powers

Lyons, IN

I was invited by a friend several years ago to hunt at his private "club". The ducks were everywhere and I was hooked. The other club members are very friendly and fun to hunt with. The cabin, blinds, decoys, and other equipment are first class. Our hunting club is located in the middle of Hovey Fish and Wildlife Area, Sloughs' Sauerbeber Refuge, and the Ohio River. So when the ducks come, we are in the middle of them all. We are 15 min. from Henderson County Airport and 30 min. from Evansville. After several years of hunting here, I liked it so much that I bought a 2nd share for my son. I wanted  to ensure he could have a place to experience waterfowl hunting like this just a few hours from home!


Brent Burke

Wadesville, IN

Tin City Hunting Club became my favorite place to hunt in 1997, nearly 20 years ago when the farm was first purchased. It is an outstanding piece of hunting property. It has hard wood forest, cypress swamps, open farm fields, and four flooded shallow cells with standing corn. The farm is equipped with underground pits, multiple permanent blinds,  portable floating blinds, and Go-Devil boats. "It is a Duck hunters paradise!"

Since this property butts up to the Sloughs Wildlife Refuge, there is always a new supply of Ducks and Geese to be seen every day. It is very seldom that you go home empty handed.

The accommodations at the club are first rate. The partners and members are like family. The dog work is the best that you have seen. All around wonderful place to hunt! Check us out, you will like what you see.


Frank Beard

Atlanta, GA

I grew up in the 50s and 60s in the hard core duck hunting country of West Tennessee. As the years passed, I moved further and further east away from my roots. The time involved driving to old haunts in Northwest Tennessee and Arkansas proved tiring to say the least. I had become familiar with the Western Kentucky waterfowl areas when I started hunting Canadian geese there in the late 70s so in the early 2000s I became a member and subsequently a partner of what is now called Tin City.

The hunting and camaraderie are great!  The drive from my home in Atlanta, Georgia is a comfortable 6 hours, especially knowing what great times await when I arrive. We have all the amenities needed to make either a weekend trip or extended stay very comfortable.

Our blinds are set up perfectly for waterfowl and very comfortable for young folks and seniors like me.

Come join the fun!

Patrick Fehrenbacher

Evansville, IN

I have been waterfowl hunting for numerous years now, starting in my teens. Back then, my waterfowl hunting depended on the flood water... when and if it would show up. There were the dry years, no flood water, so consequently no ducks for us. At that age, boating the rivers wasn't an option for me, so I would go seasons without even duck hunting the first time.

For the past 5 seasons, I have been hunting with the Tin City Hunting Club. Wow, what a difference! This place is truly amazing. We always have open water, an abundance of food for the birds, and boarding the Sloughs Wildlife Refuge, we always seem to have birds. I have waterfowl hunted in North Dakota, Canada, Missouri, and Indiana, and I can say without question my best hunts of all time have been at Tin City Hunting Club. One hunt in particular, is etched in my memory forever. Early December 2012, three of us took a mud boat into the middle of one of the flooded cypress sloughs. We threw out a couple dozen decoys, made a simple blind in the shadows of the trees and waited for daylight to come, anticipating the birds to follow. We could have never dreamed of the number of mallards that would start to fly in across the tree line, out of the refuge. It was still 15 minutes until shooting light, so we simply watched in amazement. We had found the "X"! Groups of mallards by the hundreds sailed in towards us, fluttering down through the cypress limbs, landing on all sides of us. Flock after flock sailed right in for the remaining minutes before shooting time. By legal shooting time, we estimated there was a minimum of 2,000 birds within a 100 yard circle of us. Rick chuckled, "Boys, enjoy this, I've been waterfowl hunting my whole life, all over the country, and have never experienced anything like this. This is going to be a hunt to remember." After waiting which seemed like an eternity, we decided it was time to start the hunt. A pair of green heads dropped in, I pulled up shot twice and down they came. Upon firing the first shot, the birds on the water erupted into flight turning the skyline black. Words can't describe a moment like that. It didn't take long, and the birds started filtering back in. We took turns shooting, picking out the green heads. Within 35 minutes, the 3 of us had our 12 green heads and 6 gadwall for our limit. We killed these 18 ducks with 22 shells! This was one hunt I will never forget!

It's hunts like this and so many others, that inspired me to become a partner in the club 2 years ago. Located just 45 minutes from my house in Evansville, waterfowl hunting has become a passion of mine that I can enjoy on a more regular basis. I can head over for a morning hunt, be back at the office for a 11:00 morning meeting if need be. Many times, my busy schedule won't allow for an entire day or weekend to be dedicated to waterfowl hunting. It is the clubs efforts and hard work throughout the year that enable us to truly be able to sit back and enjoy our duck season when late November rolls around.

I feel extremely blessed to have the opportunity to hunt in such an incredible place each fall!

Dr. Bill Powers

Lyons, IN

A few words about Tin City Hunting Club – I love it! I bought in for ducks – not deer, geese or turkeys. It's not always great or even good, but some days are magical, can't keep them out! I love the lodge – solitude – remoteness and comfort. The other members are fun to be with, visit and share a blind with. It all seems to get better every year. I wouldn't trade my share – for a farm in Texas!


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